Young Dolph is not going anywhere yet.

It’s a new Era for HipHop. Everybody is focused on getting money and entertainment. The type of rap beef and violence that we used to have back then barely exist nowadays. This is a good thing right! Everybody has the chance to make it out of the ghetto nowadays, sometimes you only need one hit and you’re good. Rap beef music is not even the same anymore. It’s a really good thing. But we still have a few that still feel related to the streets and the old System.

We were not expecting a second album that soon in the same year from Young Dolph. After the Charlotte shooting, the Memphis rapper dropped hi second studio album called Bullet Proof, based on the incident. It was really appreciated by the streets. Young Dolph got his own sound and we really can’t deny that. Then, the rapper went on tour with 2Chainz and living the life.

On September 26th, Dolph has been shot and left in a critical but stable condition after an argument in Hollywood. The second time in the same year. TMZ reported that police have named Gotti a “person of interest” after witnesses said he was involved. Two weeks after, the self-proclaimed king of Memphis released his third studio album called Thinking Out Loud. I wanted to hear Dolph’s story. As the rapper said, he built his career on risk, and he’s doing pretty good. The ten songs compilation are well done executed. Musics like: What’s the deal, Pacific Ocean, Believe me, All of mine, Go get sum mo and While you here can even make you ask yourself if you have to chose a king for Memphis right now, who would you get? But once again, we are just music lovers and Yo Gotti is doing pretty Good on his side. I will let you chose.

We can’t deny the talent of Young Dolph. The street is still a dangerous place for self proclaim people like Dolph, a situation that we don’t wish to happen again. He shot his Believe me video in the hospital, why wait? He turns a bad situation into a good one and he is still an unsigned artist. So i think Dolph is here to say and we expect to hear more of him soon.