Nipsey Hussle – Victory Lap (Album Review)

Four years after Mailbox Money, the long awaited Nipsey’s album is finally here. The west coast rapper broke the silence, signed a deal and put his hands deep into the game. The sixteen tracks tracklist showed us that the boy is not playing with the industry.

1- Victory Lap.

The first track of the album, featured Stacy Barthe with the melody, Nipsey explains his hustle, what it takes him to be here today, the struggle, how long the lap was before the finish line and he made it.

Favorite Lines: See bro, if you ain’t live and die by the street codes

                           Been through all these motions, up and down like a sea salt

                           I can never view you as my equal

                           F*ck I want to hear your CD for?

2- Rap Nigg*s

The street hit that has announced the album proved how hard Nipsey would come. Dj khalil and his fellow producers bless the production. The type of speeding ticket music, drop out school and take the corners music.

Favorite Lines:  We the no limit of the west, n*gg*

                              Percy Miller at his best, n*gg*

                             Jigga with the rollie and the vest, n*gg*

3- Last Time That I Checc’d

You know what’s going on when you have Nipsey and YG on a track. The two west coast icons always take the west coast sound to another level. This track is hard, letting you know how you can be your own boss, having your own clothing line without a label.

Favorite Lines: F*ck wearin’ their clothes, I wear my own sh*t

                            Ya’ll can own ya’ll label, I own my own, b*tch!


4- Young Nig*

No chorus, Nipsey let the flow go over the Axl Folie beat who sampled West District by PartyNextDoor. Diddy on the background doing what he does best, motivating rappers to go harder on the beat. Bars on bars

Favorite Lines: Staring in the space that you fishing for a phrase

                            Uninspired and your mind, still it’s a paper chase

                            First you over dedicate, then you notice that you great

                            And you been the whole time, then it slap you in the face

                           Then you stack it in your safe, got it cracking, it was fate


5- Dedication

West Coast on West Coast, Nipsey and K.Dot reminisce where it all started, what it takes them to be here today. Ain’t’ nothing to say here, just sit down and enjoy the bars.

Favorite Lines: Royalties, publishing, plus I own masters
                             I’ll be damned if I slave for some white crackers


6- Blue laces

It was all a dream. Real Estate, investments, ownership. That’s what Nipsey’s team dream was made of. Mike N Keys, Mr. Lee & Larrance Dopson went deep on the production, beat so nice and smooth, the exact right way to listen to Nipsey’s sermon.

Favorite Lines: They killed Dr. Sebi, he was teaching health
                             I f*ck with Rick Ross cause he teaching wealth
                            Dropped out of school, I’ma teach myself
                            Made my first mil’ on my own, I don’t need your help


7- Hussle and Motivate

Sounding like Kodak Black  No Flocking at first. Solid foundation, a kodak Black feature would be welcome on this one. The music is good, Do Speaks, Street Simphony and Brody Brown kept the production solid and the flow is on point. It’s all about Hustle and motivation. This Nipsey album is pretty much like a business class. Sit down and learn some.

Favorite Lines: F*ck living basic, I’m taking risks
                            F*ck what they saying, I’m saying this
                            Don’t waste your time, it don’t make you rich, it don’t mean nothing


8- Status Ymbol 3

Flexing on Flexing. It’s a long ride smoking with his guest Buddy that stand on the hook. Mike and Keys on the beat so it’s already a classic as y’all know.

Favorite Lines: Block for me black man, know they tryna stretch us

                             I ain’t tryna preach, I ain’t tryna lecture

                            When you make your first mil’ in cash, you gon’ feel the pressure


9- Succa Proof

Mike N Keys, Larrance Dopson &DJ Khalil really blessed us with these productions, it’s a warning song. Beat is outrageous flow is outrageous. Nipsey clearly recorded this music with no shirt on and a blunt longer than a tour bus in the booth. It’s a banger.

Favorite Lines: Couple things you can’t buy out this town
                             Loyalty, love, and respect
                              And nigg*s really ‘stort you out your check


10- Keyz 2 the City 2

Probably one of the best of this album, Teeflii got invited to the party and took it to another level, the beat is crazy, thanks to Mike N keys, Jake One and Teddy Walton and when the beat switch up it’s all goosebumps and good vibe.

Favorite Lines: You should know I never had a fear
                             You should know I never had a shot
                             Never had a chance, still I took it here
                             Manage pride but I see it clear
                             Strategize, I’m a engineer


11-Grinding All My Life

Mike n keys again, but this time with Murda Beatz. West coast rappers don’t switch on their sound. Dj Mustard type so y’all can play with the feet moves. Ain’t nothing better than show out the grind. The club can keep this track alive.

Favorite Lines: Don’t know a nigg* like myself

                            I say self-made, meaning I designed myself

                           County jail fades, you can pull more foul yourself

                           Sporades, swallow rocks, I’m getting high myself


12- Million while you Young

Sermon on Sermon. Bishop Nipsey keeps inspiring and motivate.. Knowing the struggle Nipsey been through, there’s a lot we can learn from this guy. Mike N keys doesn’t get tired, The Dream got his invitation too and blessed the soul beat with some good melody. Sounding like the old 50 cent we used to know back then.


Favorite Lines: Dealt with all the pressure played it like you never noticed that

                             Amongst it all, put yourself on the map

                             Turned into a booming operation


13- Loaded bases

For the next Mike N Keys soul beat, Nipsey grabbed Ceelo Green and make the show even more special. Nothing new from what we’ve been listening before. Just a happy and proud rapper telling his story.

Favorite Lines: Let’s all get on one accord and take the world nigg*s

                            Take the money, take the power and the girls with us

14- Real Big

Imagine a Rick Ross collaboration on this one. Nipsey proved respect and love to the boss on that album, so the feature won’t be that hard to find. It’s still a great one without Rick Ross anyway. Mike N Keys again and again. Same story different line.

Favorite Lines: High school, didn’t go

                           Couldn’t understand my plan, now you nigg*s know


15- Double Up

Another favorite track. Production verses and hooks are all well executed. Featured Belly and Dom Kennedy. Mike n Keys let it slide for the production. Type of Sunday morning and a blunt music. It’s a dream comes true celebration.

Favorite Lines: My new shit sound like it’s Soul Train, Tookie Williams over Coltrane

                              Eric B by the rope chain, RSC we fo’ sho bang

16- Right Hand 2 God

This song closed the lap. It’s a championship sound, Mike n Keys really was at his best on this album. Nipsey stayed positive with that talk delivering gems, make the production even better.

Favorite Lines: Movin’ forward with speed, all your morals’ll leave

                            Only focus is cheese, now the forest is trees

                            Got infected with greed, distort what you see

                           Your worst nightmare than me, is justifyin’ your means


This album is like the California weather but in a slow ride in the city, no stop no traffic. Just a long ride. The soul production of mike N Keys it the soul and the sermon of Nipsey drag you in a deep reflection about how everything can change in a minute when you stay busy and bringing quality work to the table. This album knew a couple of delays until we finally got it, but no doubt it was worth waiting. It’s the best Nipsey project so far. We pretty hope the grind doesn’t stop here and the rapper will have more laps to run in the future.