Nowadays, if your music does not promote lean, xan and all these kinds of drugs, life can be pretty hard for you as a rapper. The young generation is all about their money thanks to that. It’s cool though, it’s like a step in life almost every rapper have to take. Growing up, with experiences, your style of music can change as an artist, either because of things you went through or situations you witnessed and your learned from them.

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Rappers should stay away from prison nowadays. (MEEK MILL CHASING HIS NIGHTMARES).

“ Young niggas watching me, give ‘em that game properly. Past go twice, skip jail, build a monopoly” [Meek Mill : These scars]
From the early 90’s to that era we’re living now, a lot of things have changed in the urban music industry. Some are happy, some are not. It’s been always like that, when it comes to changes, you can’t satisfy everybody.

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Big K.R.I.T. is what the south have Left.

I remember back then when i was a kid, every Sunday i used to stay in the living room, bumping Houston rap music only. I can spend the whole week listening to all kind of hip hop music because they all sounded the same. But on Sunday it was all for H-Town, from Mike Jones to Paul Wall, to Lil Keke, to Lil Flip, to Chamillionaire, to UGK, to Slim Thug, i mean all the south.

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Young Dolph is not going anywhere yet.

It’s a new Era for HipHop. Everybody is focused on getting money and entertainment. The type of rap beef and violence that we used to have back then barely exist nowadays. This is a good thing right! Everybody has the chance to make it out of the ghetto nowadays, sometimes you only need one hit and you’re good. Rap beef music is not even the same anymore. It’s a really good thing. But we still have a few that still feel related to the streets and the old System.

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All These rappers my children

Gucci likes to work with other artists. Probably one of the reason why his projects are so versatile. Everyone can find their own taste.

On his last album, he did something that was very interesting to me. Maybe nobody paid attention to it, but it’s OK. Let’s go through it.

“Mr Davis” can be considered as the most important project for the Zone 6 rapper. He had his wedding coming the next week with his long time girlfriend, so all the hype and attention was on Mr. Davis. Which is a good thing for the promotion of the album and the features have to be chosen wisely too.

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