Rappers should stay away from prison nowadays. (MEEK MILL CHASING HIS NIGHTMARES).

“ Young niggas watching me, give ‘em that game properly. Past go twice, skip jail, build a monopoly” [Meek Mill : These scars]

From the early 90’s to that era we’re living now, a lot of things have changed in the urban music industry. Some are happy, some are not. It’s been always like that, when it comes to changes, you can’t satisfy everybody.

Back in the early 90s, i was a passionate kid, listening to hip hop every day, and it always hurt me every time i heard one of my favorite artist was sentenced to a certain jail time. Things were different back then. As a black rapper coming from nothing, you had to justify every dime in your pocket, the social situation was not that different from what we have today, but we didn’t have all these rich black professional voices standing up in the society. These people show them we can do the difference today, even if we’re still under harassment every day, but trust me it was worse back then.

Rappers were going to jail for stupid reason, the same one that can make us feel proud as a black kid is the same that make us feel ashamed being black later. It was like that before.

But nowadays, things have changed so damn much, we have so many educated fortunate black people coming from nothing, they have inspired the whole race, giving us hope. And the music industry is different. You know where you came from, you know what you want and what you’ve been missing as kid. You go and get it all so your kid might know some better days.

“ They told us, if we go to jail, we would be respected ” [Meek Mill : YBA]

As an artist, you’re connected with your friends around the world, you inspire people. There’s no more proud going to jail anymore, there’s so much money to make outside nowadays in the music industry, nobody really pays attention to jail story tellers. Going to jail for 2 years or more, as a popular artist can affect your career in a lot of aspects. We’re getting new music everyday now, we don’t even have time to listen to all of them, so imagine you as an artist going out missing for 2 years.

“ Niggas prayin’ that i go to jail again, so they can pop shit ” [Meek Mill : Pray For Em]

Consider yourself as an ambassador as an artist, i know you are going through a lot in the background but, make sure you stay and remain an example for all your fans because it’s also hard for us see one of our favorite leaving for all this time. A lot of people might want to see you fall, Don’t surrender.

“ I been to jail, ain’t going back ” [Meek Mill : Burn]

Stay Strong Meek and get back home soon.