NBA golden age is here

The past NBA season has been an historical and interesting one. From the changes in the style of play (it’s like a live road runner show. Beep Beep), the explosion of the salary cap, the mobility of the players(#kevinSnakeDUrant)  and the kind of contract that are being thrown out there, it’s wise to say that we’re living the golden age of American basketball.

But all of those hot topics, one has been a little underrated. The last time we had a season without any coach fired, I wasn’t even born (the majority of you weren’t either), my mom was in high school and Elvis Presley was making his famous comeback. Yes, it’s been 46 years since we had an NBA season with so much stability in the head coach area.

And of many reasons we could cite, economics one are involved because maybe the GMs are tired of changing coaches without changing results. No one want to pay a new coach to miss the playoffs the eight straight time (It’s been so long for teams like Minnesota, Sacramento, 76ers etc.), so they are betting on continuity. Other factor is the bond between coaches and stars, the good relationship between GMs and coaches that understood that the roster needs to match the head coach philosophy and finally, some people in the world are just lucky. But this season, various head coaches are sitting on a grenade ready to blow at any time.


Yeah, I know some of you will say that he has been unlucky with injuries and I partly agree with you. From Jrue’s absence for familiar reasons to Davis missing games and the integration of newly acquired Cousins, Gentry had to deal with a lot of issue in the roster. Not that  I’m defending him, I even think the hiring of A.G as a head coach wasn’t a good basketball decision and his pedigree is weak. Monty Williams must be saying that’s who you fire me for? Besides, when the management staff made a pretty shaking summer and your best shooter acquisition is Ian Clark, you know they are giving you the perfect recipe to be fired through the season. Gentry better turn water into wine and very quickly.


Earl Watson

How can you ask someone to make cake by giving him rice and oil cause that’s exactly how I’d describe Suns head coach situation right now. After a decent season in 2013-2014 when they ended in the jackass seed (9th seed in their conference), everybody thought that the Suns would be at least relevant but a series of events and bad trades just keep them getting from bad to worse and Steve Nash isn’t walking through that door soon. Looking at that very young roster and flash of some of the players (Booker, Ulis or Jackson) some will say the future is bright, but you need a good development plan to turn those young bastards into mature NBA players and the head coach himself looks like he need to develop into a real coach so LOL.

Terry Stotts

How long Terry Stotts will be coaching the Portland Trail Blazers? It’s been 5 years and the team still has the same problem, lack of defense. For example, last season they had the 11th best offensive rating (110.3) but were 24th at defensive rating (110.8) so they don’t have issues getting buckets but the opposing teams always have a good time playing against them. In T.S excuse, until last season end, since they lost Robin Lopez in free agency, they haven’t had a defensive-oriented big man (Sorry Myers Leonard, if you cared more about defending the paint more than your hairstyle, the team would be so grateful). Even if they always make the playoffs every year, I think they should consider a culture changing so they can reach that next cap. And it can start by firing Stotts and changing the management staff.

Even if the season’s final result is almost no surprise at all (Let’s not pretend that we don’t know that Golden State is about to repeat), some teams are just stuck in the middle with bad roster due to poor managerial choices or inappropriate roster to the coach philosophy basketball. Which one of the coaches will be fired this season?