Gucci Mane, known as one of the most hard work artist in the game right now, dropped his second album of the year on friday 13th. Let’s sit down together and see what’s inside of it.

1-Work in progress

For the intro of the album, Gucci mane sat down with Murda on the beat to explain where he came from with all the struggle he went through with his mother and how hard life was back then, it was a long road, and the years spent in jail learned him a lot about fake friends, being hard-headed and so on, he learned to cultivate the talent he was born with. Flaws and bad habits don’t go away like that so he’s still learning, making mistakes and recognized them, because he’s still improving like fixing bugs in software and the work is still in progress.

2-Back on

It was cold and concentrate for the intro. Now who else can bring the party better than Zaytoven? Well, it’s like a celebration after the storm.  “The whole hood know my number like Mike Jones”, I hope kids these days understand this line, where in almost every verse the Houston rapper used to give his number like he was doing promotion for himself, or like he didn’t have a staff management to handle this. I still remember the digits, but I won’t give it to you all and I don’t think Mike Jones is still on the other line waiting for your call anyway. It’s calm season for Guwop so let him celebrate, it’s a well deserved victory.

3- I get the bag

Zone six is on fire. The party is still going on, Gucci mane links up with his fellow long time friends considered as the most influential group in the culture, “The Migos”.  Quavo came around and did what he does best: handle the hook. Takeoff is outside still proving people wrong for comparing him as the most slept on in the group. Southside and Metro boomin delivered the beat so we can’t go out sad.  A lot of people consider the song as the next saga of “Slippery”, remember this song based on Migos “Culture” album and which  features Gucci mane himself. The “Genius” team, went through the line and gave us more details on their website ( But that can’t stop us from enjoying this song and get hyped every time Laflare teams up with the Migos.

4- Stunting ain’t nothing

Surely if one of the Rae Sremmurd is attended, Mike Will is attended too, no debate. Slim Jxmmi delivered the chorus following with a solid verse flaunting his luxury lifestyle. Stunting better than Laflare, and Young Dolph in the third verse, you got to wake up early. Gucci mane knows how to chose his feature wisely. I still can’t complain, until now, the album is enjoyable, and one more time, big shout out to Mike Will Made it and Myles Harris for such a dope production.

5- Curve

“Curve” was officially released on September 13, 2017.  Now, the XO crew’s turn, we can say Gucci mane wasn’t travelling that much for nothing. The Weeknd did his job as usual following with a verse. But for some reason I was expecting more from this collaboration.  The Weeknd will always be better to me on smooth and emotional productions, but anyway, it could be worse.


6- Enormous

It’s time for the ladies, spending time and money with a lady for a timeless rapper can really be considered as “Enormous”. Guwop turns it down a little bit.  For his first collaboration with the west coast singer Ty Dolla sign, we can say it’s above the average, there’s no surprise, no reason to be excited, I know that, but it could be worse.

7- Members only

Members only included: killers, dealers, trap niggas, drug dealers and bad girls. It’s a society. Da honorable C.N.O.T.E. is a part of this society also. The video was released simultaneously on 10/12/2017, and was filmed during Gucci mane’s first tour overseas, in the summer of 2017. However to get the salute back, you have to salute, which means if you’re not a part of this society, then it’s not your song, but one thing is sure, the members are probably bumping heads to this outside.

8- Money make ya handsome

“Money make you handsome, even if you’re ugly”. Ain’t Gucci mane the realest? Amen to that. Gucci teams up with young Metro to let us know how far his money went to bring him back respect, love and obedience. That’s the least we can ask for right? So he will make sure he keeps his money and stay away from the ugliness life.

9- Changed

If your money makes you cute, why staying the same then? Gucci mane knows the difference and takes Big Sean for passenger. From old habit to new ways, Laflare keeps reminding us he is not the same anymore, so we can keep that in mind. And then came Sean with the words of wisdom and motivation, honestly, i don’t remember since when i heard a wack verse from this rapper. It’s a pretty nice collab and Key Wane blessed us with the production, there’s no way we can complain. Fully satisfied.


10- We ride

This song is dedicated to his fiance Keyshia Ka’oir. With their wedding coming this month, Gucci mane took the time to bless his fiance’s soul with this music. Linking up with Monica, Danja and Rico love on the beat, Guwop expresses himself, he probably woke up at 3 in the morning, observing Keyshia sleeping, and start inspiring. Well we don’t know, but, these two are having each other’s back for a long time. And it might the best gift yet he has given her for the wedding coming.


11-Lil’ story

It’s a gangta story! Groovy Q and Laflare on a track, i don’t think i could find anything realer than this for the rest of the day. Southside and Dy from 808 Mafia kept as solid as both of the verses delivered by Guwop and SchoolBoy Q. it’s a big win for Laflare. Head is bumping by the time i’m writing this.


12-Tone it Down

Following the duo’s latest collab, “Party,” Gucci Mane and Chris Brown are back at it again and out here stealing your girl by any means necessary. Balling ain’t easy as they said, but these two show it off like it’s nothing. The progress is still in process, no disappoint yet, Breezy did what he does best in a hook and we’re all ok with it, and Guwop with the early thousand fast twista and Busta flow, i’m more than ok with this. Solid album until now.


13-Make Love

Gucci evolved so damn much, wow, you should listen to the old Gucci Mane to understand what i’m talking about. Throwing a couple lines again for her fiance and their future wedding. Gucci is a grown man now. Nicki came a throw shots instead of love. She likes doing this even when there was no competition, now that a lot of females are trying to step up their games, we will hear more nicki verses like this one in the future.


14- Money Pilling

Guwop got money, true that. Now he thinks it’s time for Forbes to put him on the list, and if they don’t, what is that list look like ? All it looks like here is the fact that head is still bumping. Southside and TM88 still stay on the line, while Gucci stays and remains Gucci. Not a lot of talks to do about it, but as i always said, it could be worse.


15-Jumped out the whip

Gucci teams up with The ASAp Mob’s icon, Asap Rocky, to expose a bad little girl that is not for everybody, it’s a well delivered track, and honestly i don’t know since when i heard a bad verse from Rocky. After the Cozy Tapes vol. 2, i think i am ready for his next album.


16- Miss my woe

This is the kind of diversity that i love in an album, i’ve been expecting something like this and it happened. Rico came with a serious catchy hook and sat down with Danja and Chris Bosh for the right production for this song. Gucci reminisces about his lost ones, some of the hip-hop heads that we have lost lately, may they rest in peace.


17-Made it (Outro)

Life is good for Gucci Mane, a loving wife, a new vision. It’s a new man. Zay serves the beat. He’s thankful for his blessings and the respect he earns growing up. We’re all proud of all this new Guwop and satisfy enough of this album well served too.


This is the second Guwop’s album for this year. And since he got out of jail, this is yet his best project so far. The features and the productions have been chosen wisely. With his wedding coming next week with his long time girlfriend, a man can’t be happier than that. We might wait until next year for a new Gucci mane project, but it’s all good, we can’t complain. Let him enjoy his family and celebrate life, he deserves it.


Enjoy the album, let us know your thoughts and what’s your favorite song so far.