Nowadays, if your music does not promote lean, xan and all these kinds of drugs, life can be pretty hard for you as a rapper. The young generation is all about their money thanks to that. It’s cool though, it’s like a step in life almost every rapper have to take. Growing up, with experiences, your style of music can change as an artist, either because of things you went through or situations you witnessed and your learned from them.

A recent example: Eminem’s Walk on water sparked a lot of talking on the internet because fans were expecting something dirtier just the way he used to do it back then. As a music fan, I was surprised as well, not because it wasn’t a dirty song, but, after the freestyle that got us hyped on BET Hip Hop awards, my expectation was something more political like Mosh, under some type of ready for war beat. Eminem did it different, the message is interesting, and a music fan that is listening to Em music since growing up can truly understand these changes. It’s cool to have some disrespect music in our ears sometimes, knowing Marshall, everybody will get served on this album.

Let’s close this parenthesis. Marshall was an example, his fan base is still strong and his musics make are still doing numbers in streaming.

Back in 2010, anyone that said they were never a B.O.B. fan, not even once, don’t deserve your trust. It’s one of the best artist T.I. has ever signed. His first studio album even debuted number one the US Billboard 200 chart. Since then, every project B.O.B. dropped had my attention, a multitask rapper full of creativity.

After his third album “Underground Luxury” that was certified Gold by RIIA. Ray started experimenting new things, digging other cultures and become more scientist, turning himself to an outspoken believer and make his beliefs about a flat earth, posting photos of diagrams based in part on Rothbotham’s ideas from the 19th century, proving the Earth is actually flat. This is knowledge, a lot of people might not find interest in that, or call it boring. He even released a couple mixtapes explaining everything concerning humans, earth elements etc. Since then, his fan base started decreasing, some start calling him trash. But for sure if he decides to make popular music again, he will get all the attention in the world.

People started losing interest in his music since “Underground Luxury”, which was one of his best album in my opinion, the style is unique and mix with every genre, maybe one of the reason why he called his label ‘No Genre’.

On November 16th, B.O.B, released a full EP on his Instagram page called The Upside Down. People consider it as the first Instagram music album ever. If you have ever skipped his last mixtapes, Eps and albums, check this one out, see the work, the creativity and keep hating him if you feel like it after.