Big K.R.I.T. is what the south have Left.

I remember back then when was a kid, every Sunday used to stay in the living room, bumping Houston rap music only. I can spend the whole week listening to all kind of hip hop music because they all sounded the same. But on Sunday it was all for H-Town, from Mike Jones to Paul Wall, to Lil Keke, to Lil Flip, to Chamillionaire, to UGK, to Slim Thug, mean all the south.

The sound always brings my imagination to long travel. It was some good old days for hip hop music. This wave started fading away over the years, and bet the new generation does not even know about it. But things change, and we have to accept it. Until, that Friday in the morning, woke up with that new K.R.I.T. album 4 Eva Is a Mighty Long Time. I started my engine and went to work listening to it. I can say my weekend started the exact same time, and started reminiscing the old Sundays i used to spend in that living room bumping H-Town and Mississippi rappers. The sound, the accent, some chopped and screwed. It was heaven to me.

And K.R.I.T. came around and brought all these sensations back. We suffer a lot before he finally delivered this album to us. But, good achievements take time. It’s so damn difficult to find a different sound from a rap album nowadays, it’s painful. So, think we should be grateful every time situations like these happen. I couldn’t wait to listen to that UGK feature, and yeah, was right, this song is historical for the H-Town. Organized Noize and Cory Mo took their time and deliver the exact southern sound that we used to listen. Bun B kept is Gangsta as always with a solid verse and the legend Pimp C (R.I.P.) painted the hook. Wow, just wow. K.R.I.T. is so country, honestly, don’t have to say a word about his rhymes. You all know what the kid is capable of.

It’s the best track of the album in my opinion. It deserves a visual just because we need this southern sound back to life again and make Houston rappers start delivering the way they used to back then.

Give it a listen and let me know your thoughts.