All These rappers my children

Gucci likes to work with other artists. Probably one of the reason why his projects are so versatile. Everyone can find their own taste.

On his last album, he did something that was very interesting to me. Maybe nobody paid attention to it, but it’s OK. Let’s go through it.

“Mr Davis” can be considered as the most important project for the Zone 6 rapper. He had his wedding coming the next week with his long time girlfriend, so all the hype and attention was on Mr. Davis. Which is a good thing for the promotion of the album and the features have to be chosen wisely too.

The features were very cool. Now, if you heard Guwop got the Migos featured on one song in the album and it’s only two members of the group that have their vocals on the track. Who would you pick among the three? Same thing for the Rae Sremmurd Crew. If you heard Gucci has a song with one of the Rae Sremmurd artist that will be a part of the album, who would you think Gucci would pick among the two?

Obviously, Everybody would go for Quavo and Offset for the Migos and Swae Lee for Rae Sremmurd. Like, without thinking, That’s what we would say, because, considering how important this album is for Mr. Davis, he would truly go for the most popular that everyone considered as the best. We all remember the Bad and Boujee situation, saying Takeoff was left off. And we all know everybody’s opinion on Swae Lee, saying he does not really need a group, because he’s doing good on his own. Slim Jxmmi barely got his appreciation.

But, yeah, Laflare got us all wrong. The most popular song on the album I get the bag, he chose Takeoff instead of Offset, and Quavo for the hook of course, we can’t even debate on that. The most surprising part is the fact that he let Takeoff having the first verse, a full first verse, where everybody has to sit down and enjoy the show way after Quavo spit the hook. We all know Takeoff is underrated. He delivered so damn well, i always feel like he wrote that song for Gucci Mane in my own opinion. We were all satisfied and thankful for Gucci letting Takeoff to have this spotlight. Then, Gucci did the same thing with Slim Jxmmi. On the song called “Stunting ain’tnothin”, another music I can consider as Slim Jxmmi’s property, he has the hook and the first verse. It’s one of my favorite on the album by the way and Young Dolph did such a good job too.  Jxmmi has a solid verse and a catchy hook. Swae Lee would have done good too, but, once again, we are all satisfied and thankful for Gucci letting the kid get this spotlight as well.

I think it’s a great gesture from Gucci Mane, because honestly, Takeoff and Slim Jxmmi need more opportunities like this. They’re as good as the others. It’s not given to everybody to do what Gucci did, but clearly, he did it for a reason. Another proof that Gucci Mane is the father of all these kids, that’s what a father does, support all his children.

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Writer : @clayton_yolo